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Her name is Edward.

Shipping Industry * Assignment Work

My work is divided into personal projects and assignment work. 

Under assignment work, think of image banks, reportage, editorial work. Under personal projects, the presentation of work is the result of more time and in-depth study of a subject and of my own choice. There is sometimes an overlap. 

Since 2016 I spent a great deal of time on bulk carriers, in sea locks and in the Port of Amsterdam. The work I did was primarily for a commission by the Province of North Holland, and led to making a book (I went looking for a ship) and to other assignments. 

I am now experienced and enthousiastic about climbing ladders, stairs, superstructures and mountains. Because I wanted to research my project fully, I sailed along on various bulk carriers including the Yeoman Bontrup for a journey to Norway and back. 

My book is a personal navigation through the maritime industry based in Amsterdam. You can order my book I went looking for a ship HERE.

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