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The airline industry is one in which I have worked part-time for over 12 years and I combined this with being a photographer. In 2012, I became a full-time freelance photographer and often work for the airline industry on assignment - be it in Amsterdam, Nairobi, Charles de Gaulle, Tokyo - or up in the air. 

The result varies from promotional images and corporate reportage, to documenting operations. I frequently photograph at Schiphol Airport.

Commercial clients in the field of airlines and logistics : Air France KLM CargoAir France KLM, KLM Nederland, KLM Cityhopper, Rhenus LogisticsMBO College AirportKuehne+NagelPhenster photo agency, Transavia, Flying Dutchman and Holland Herald.




DEF KLM adv.Telegraafkopie

Print campagne KLM Vertrouwd op Reis

CDG, airport, shipping, Airfrance, KLM, Natascha Libbert, Cargo_MG_1562

Moving the world of cargo. Charles de Gaulle Airport for AirFrance KLM Martinair Cargo.

Live 100 Horses SPL 2 apr 2014_1304

100 horses arrive at Schiphol Airport.

KLM APUcopyright natascha libbert

Holland Herald Inflight Magazine. April 2020.

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KLM in corona_9270_NL
klm rijksmuseum_8889_natascha libbert

KLM at the Rijksmuseum.

KLM_MG_5236  copyright NL
KLM_MG_1817  copyright NL

Charles de Gaulle Airport. 

KLM_MG_1979  copyright NL

KLM Holland Herald February 2016 issue. Transport of Mondrian paintings with KLM Cargo.

klm takes care lang

March 2016 issue of Holland Herald KLM Inflight Magazine.

freighter inside nacht8088

Freighter by night.

Airline helicopter fragile_8299 Natascha Libbert_NL

Transport of helicopters. Freighter by night.

KLM_MG_8358  copyright NL
airport, shipping, Airfrance, KLM, Natascha Libbert, Cargo_MG_6498
Airline NBO afstand_7954 Natascha Libbert_NL

In Nairobi for KLM. 

klm rijksmuseum_3511_natascha libbert

Airline crew.

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HH taking off robin

Holland Herald. Monthly publication 'Taking Off With'. 

Schermafbeelding 2019-04-08 om 11.21.27

Holland Herald. Monthly publication 'Taking Off With'.

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-09 om 15.52.33
KLM cityhopper_MG_5578 _ copyright NL

KLM Cityhopper image bank photography. 2020.

KLM_MG_6952  copyright NL

KLM Anytime for You. Amsterdam Tokyo.

KLM_MG_7360  copyright NL
mgmt_MG_0003 _ copyright NL_

Rene de Groot. Chief Operating Officer KLM. 

B_MG_7260 _ copyright NL

Pieter Bootsma, Air France KLM for Zakenreis. 2019.

Koning Willem Alexander_6990_Natascha Libbert web (1)

On May 16, I photographed the King of the Netherlands and also co-pilot for KLM. © Natascha Libbert 


Assignment for MBO College Airport. 2016.


Assignment for MBO College Airport. 2016.

avond laden_NUNA SPL 29 aug 2014_2284
KLM_MG_4397  copyright NL
airport, shipping, Airfrance, KLM, Natascha Libbert, Cargo_MG_8336
KLM in corona_3216_NL

KLM in Corona.

KLM in corona_3235_NL

KLM in Corona.

KLM_I0B7978  copyright NL
KLM in corona_7771_NL

KLM in Corona.