shipping_ yeoman in norway_MG_3874natascha libbert

4 am.

Shipping Industry

In 2016 I spent a great deal of time on bulk carriers, in sea locks and in the Port of Amsterdam. The work I did was primarily for a commission by the Province of North Holland. The result of the commission will be placed under projects 'Looking for a ship' in the course of 2017 and will be a personal navigation through the landscape of shipping.

Here is a selection of images from my commercial/reportage portfolio of the industry. I am now experienced and enthousiastic about climbing ladders, stairs, superstructures and mountains. Because I wanted to research my project fully, I sailed along on various bulk carriers including the Yeoman Bontrup for a journey to Norway and back.

25 april 2017 loodswezen yeoman bontrup_MG_2570-natascha libbert
25 april 2017 loodswezen yeoman bontrup_MG_2517-natascha libbert
shipping_ seaman watches the paint dry_MG_3375natascha libbert
shipping_5896 seaman underdeck 24 juli Yeoman day 8_ Natascha Libbert
painting man Yeoman day 4_3361_NL
shipping_ seaman glassen_MG_3189natascha libbert
shipping_seaman 6703 29 feb loodswezen_ Natascha Libbert
trap vletters_8990_NL
21 juli Yeoman day 5_MG_4518-natascha libbert
veel seamen Yeoman day 3_2587_NL
schip arriveert_3897_NL
sluizen landschap_8813_NL
shipping_ sluizen traffic_MG_8766natascha libbert
shipping_ coal shipping_MG_8759natascha libbert
shipping_ opslag stone haven_MG_0965natascha libbert
shipping_ pilot captain_MG_1197natascha libbert
25 april 2017 loodswezen yeoman bontrup_MG_2587-natascha libbert
16 augustus Rietlanden_MG_6989-natascha libbert
16 augustus Rietlanden_MG_7102-natascha libbert
shipping nacht sluis put_0862 16 december Yeoman_ Natascha Libbert

Construction of sea locks at IJmuiden 2016.

shipping_vletters 6691 july week in ijmuiden_ Natascha Libbert
shipping_lachende seaman 2370 19 juli Yeoman day 3_ Natascha Libbert
25 april 2017 loodswezen yeoman bontrup_MG_2504-natascha libbert
shipping_2261 18 jan 2017_ Natascha Libbert

Winter in the Port of Amsterdam.